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APRS On Demand

Through this innovative service it is possible to obtain on demand some of the information which is normally available through bulletins and announcements or that is not available at all otherwise. To obtain such information it is necessary to send an APRS message to the system with the information required and the system will then send back the appropriate information, if available.

This service is available locally (QTH JN63SO45NW) on the 144.950 MHz frequency at 1200 baud as well as on the global APRS network. The system transmits the eventual reply only once and does not attempt any message retransmission.

Information available through the APRS On Demand service

- "HELP": Show a list of the available commands
- "?APRSS": Current operational status of the AMPR.org gateway
- "?APRSP": Position of the IZ6RDB station
- "TIME": Current time (source: INRIM)
- "DATE": Current date (source: INRIM)
- "BLN1": Critical weather bullettin
- "BLNA": Critical weather forecast
- "METEOALARM" or "EUMETNET": EUMETNET Meteoalarm (for the Marche region)
- "BLNE" or "Northern Adriatic": Storm report for Northern Adriatic sea (source: italian air force)
- "BLNH" or "Central Adriatic": Storm report for Central Adriatic sea (source: italian air force)
- "BLNK" or "Southern Adriatic": Storm report for Southern Adriatic sea (source: italian air force)
- "METEOBEACON": Sends wheather data, if available (APRS format)
- "SEISMIC locality": Latest seismic event, eventually occurred during the day, at a given locality (source: INGV)
- "SUN": Sunrise and Sunset (BLNN)
- "MOON": Moonrise and Moonset (BLNO)
- "HEARDHF" or "HEARDVHF": Sends the number of stations heard during the day (on HF and VHF respectively; provides different results in local/global frequency queries)
- "IGATEHF" or "IGATEVHF": Sends the operational status of the APRS IGate (HF or VHF)
- "EMERGENCYHF", "EMERGENCYVHF" or "EMERGENCYAPRS": Sends the number of APRS emergencies received during the day (HF, VHF or all)
- "WHEREIS callsign": Provides the last known position of the station with the given callsign
- "IONOSPHERE": Sends the ionospheric propagation Maximum Usable Frequency (MUF) recorded by the INGV ionosonde in Rome (source: INGV)
- "PING AMPR_address": Runs ping to an AMPR host and returns the result
- "NSLOOKUP AMPR_address": Runs a DNS search of an AMPR address and returns the result
- "SAT satellite: Provides the next passage prediction for a given satellite (no argument for the list)
- "CALCULATOR expression": Calculates a numeric expression using bc
- "EMAIL message": Sends an email message to the system operator (maximum 61 characters)
- "FIRMWARE": Sends the firmware version loaded in the transceiver

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